Two letters in the same envelope.

To: Mr. Wm. W. Morrison, Rockford, Floyd Co., Iowa
From: James Morrison, Charles City, Iowa, June 2, 1889


I am very sorrow that thar was nothing said in Helens letter to May by which you might know that I had received the draft for $500 all right I always mak it a point to anser all such letters by return mail but the way this happent was like this I brot the letters home and gave them to Helen. after she red them I asked hir if she wanted to writ to May she said she did I then told hir if she would writ right away it would save me the truble of writing. I paid no mor atenson to it as she new that I had received the draft and indorsed it on your note. I will try and do better the next time we had quite a frost hear last weak it has cut the corn and potatoes very bad. we have had a very good show hear for two weakes it is a modern advertising consern admitanc free if you want a seet you pay 10 cents they will start for Rockford tomorrow. thar is two men with it that was hear with Sneller two years ago. I was down in Kansas two weaks ago I see Mantras and Scinehorn they wer both inquring for you. Charley appears to be doing very well he bought a 1/4 section and he is living on another as a clame he can pruve up soon then he will sell half of one and buld on the 1/4 that he bought the cuntry thar is very uneven. I see both of the Hasnmyers thar farms ar both very poor they ar on the plat river in Nebraska near Kerney. taking every thing into consideration I think that Iowa is a grat ways ahead of any of that cuntry through which I traveld.

from your father, James Morrison

To: Lucy May Morrison, Rockford, Floyd Co., Iowa
From: Helen M. Morrison, Charles City, Iowa, June 2, 1889

Dear sister May as this is only the fourth letter I have writen this after noon you will excuse me if it is not very long I am well. mother is not as well as usual her teeth ache most all of the time. we are having very back luck with our chickens only seventeen left out of twenty-nine but they are growing fine how are your chickens doing with you I suppose they are growing twice as fast as ours are. did your dalias grow that I took over to you ours are growing fine our peonies are growing fine and are full of buds and if the frost does not hurt them we will have some flowers. I went to church and Sunday school as usual this morning my sunday school teacher has been sick but she was able to be out again to day next Sunday is childrens day and Mr. Noble will preach to the children but all of course are invited to be there. then I suppose he will go east for his vacation and will be back about the first of July Mrs. Noble and her mother have been gone two weeks and will stay and come home with him how is your sunday school progressing and how often do you have preaching it would be nice if you could have preaching every Sunday. does Jeanie talk about this little colt as much as she did about little lew. I think that will make her a prety dress but I do not think it will look so prety after it is washed. well this is all I think of so will close from your sister.

Helen M. Morrison
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