To: Lucy May and Etta Briggs
From: Annie Uhley Briggs, Ossian, Iowa, April 4, 1883.

Dear friends:

Here it is half past nine, Wednesday morning and May’s letter not answered yet. I am hired girl now, so you will not expect me to write quite as often. Sarah went home week ago last Saturday to do her sewing. I do not know whether we will keep her this Summer or not. I get along with the work pretty well the boys help a good deal. Katie says tell you she has a new dress and a new pair of slippers. she has commenced to take music lessons. The Castalia S. S. are going to have a Jug Breaking Concert, week from Saturday night. I expect that will be grand. the Band is going to play. One of our Cousins from Newark come out the other day. he is seventeen years old and is not as tall as John. Old Mrs. Richards is dead and so is Mrs. Limbeck’s Mother. I hav’nt seen old Dave since the day we rode with him. Martha Farnsworth has a big boy two weeks old. she calls him John Milo. Tell Ellen, Charlie and I started to go to see her before she went, but we got in a snow drift and had to come back. Carrie Jones is Agent for charts, “like her Ma’s.” She has sold four or five all ready, Pa bought one for us. Kate’s satin dress is red. it is made polanise, she wore it to the Easter dance. every one made all sorts of fun of her. I do not like our new neighbor at all. Ma and Pa called on them one afternoon and that is all the callers they have had and I guess it will be for one while. Charlie is well. he sold four dozen eggs the other day and has got another pail full. Reynard and Andrew Gunderson bought half of Baker’s store. Pa thinks they will buy the other half in the fall. You must get some hoops Ma and I are going to get some. Ida and I went over to Nettie’s school week ago Friday. she made them stand straight. Our Summer school begins week from next Monday. Flora is teacher, who is your teacher. How many eggs did you eat Easter, I ate three. My thoughts have come to an end.

Write soon, from your friend Annie, to Etta, May and all the rest.
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