To: Mr William W Morrison, Rockford, Floyd County, Iowa
From: Helen M Morrison, Charles City, June 10th 1883

Dear brother

We recieved you letters and also the draft and was glad to hear that you and your wife was well. We are all as well as could be expected Mother has improved very much since I wrote to you last she has a very bad cold but is getting over it now We had a letter from James a short time ago he is in Minneapolis this Summer he said in his letter that he had a good place but did not say what he was working at he was out to Dakota this Spring and rented his land for more brakeing to be done this Summer and hired some broke besides. We have not heard from Cousin Charley for about a year. We had a letter from Uncle William a few weeks ago. they was all well it has been very cold and wet this Spring and farmers are behind with their work Frank Doole Jr. is Married he Married a Miss Martin of Floyd there is not much news that I know of every thing is quite dull here tell your Wife (for I do not know what else to call her) that I would like to see her very much and would like to have you spare time enough to bring her over to see us. I dont suppose I could get over to see her very soon and you must come over and get the quilt that I promised to give you when you got Married We all join in sending our love to you and your wife from your loving sister

Helen M Morrison

P.S. pleas send me your wifes potograph if she has one to spare.
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