To: Mr William W Morrison, Rockford, Floyd County, Iowa
From: Aggie J. Morrison, June 10 1883

Dear Brother

I thought I would write you a few lines. There is one more week of school yet the last half of the week will be examination. We have 52 little chickens now and one more hen set. We are getting along nicely with our house I think it is about half Lathed but Pa has to go and help Mr Denton two days for what he helped Pa but I think we will be moved in a week or two any way. There is going to be a show in town Tuesday but I aint going in I dont think. Wentland wants to sell his big farm so Mr Bowers told Pa. Chet Butterfield is married to a Miss Hill in Floyd. Mr Waters is in Dakota now. We will have lots of music when we get moved, Roses' folks lives right across the road and the band practices there every Tuesday and Friday Thursday evenings. I and Ma has a bad cold now. It rained Friday but has faired up again, it is very cold weather for this time of year. this is all the news I think of at present, I send my best wishes to you and your (wife). Jim is in Minneapolis now. I think Jim and Hugh Mitchell is in Dakota with Deacon Purdy. Well I must quit for I have some examples to do for tomorrow.

From your Sister
Aggie J. Morrison

Pleas write soon and come over when you can and bring your wife.
[wife is circled for emphasis]
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