To: Mr William W Morrison, Rockford, Floyd County, Iowa
From: Helen M Morrison, Charles City, Iowa, May 6th 1883

Dear Brother

I thought I would write you a few lines I got home all safe after being gone two weeks Rachel and James Galbraith and Mrs William Galbraith came over with me. When I got home I found Father and Agnes well and Mother a great deal better than when I went away for which we are all very thankfull she is able to walk down town now and not hurt her that is if she takes her time and rests a little in town I made a mistake when I told you that we sold Bill for 150 dollars. We have sold the hogs since I came home for six cents a pound. we have got but very little left now to sell We have commenced on our new house and have got the wall all laid and will commence the frame tomorrow Father will have Denton help him on his house and then Father will help him in pay for his work. We have got a drive well on our place and the water is quite cold and clear it cost us about twelve dollars and a half. We have not heard from Charley for about a year we do not know why he did not write Nora did not come over to see us when she was in Iowa We had a letter from Uncle William last week they are all well except himself he is troubled some with the rheumatism he sayes he thinks some of quiting work he sayes he would not like to die in the harness. We have not heard from James lately he has gone to Dakota again this spring James and Hugh Mitchel and Martin Hudson and James Morrison have gone to make their fortunes in Dakota also Mr Waters has gone and taken up land in Dakota when you write let me know how Mrs Wilson is getting along as she was very sick when I came home hopeing these few lines will find you and Mr Duntleys folks all well I will close from your loving sister
Helen M Morrison
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