To: Mr William W Morrison, Rockford, Floyd County, Iowa
From: Agnes Morrison, Charles City, Iowa, Sunday May 6th 1883

Dear Brother

I thought I would write you a few lines I am going to school now but I dont like it as well as up at the Brush. we are building a house we have got the stone work up and pa is going to commence the wood work to morrow. it aint far from the school house. they have the Measles up where we lived Wests little baby died with it and Wentland's boys had it but they are getting better. pa has sold Bill to Mr Waters for $170 in money and the use of a team to do our moveing with and to hall our corn with. we have sold our hogs for .06 cts per lb. to Hart the lumber man. now we only have two hogs and one Cow left. Julia Johnson has gone to Minneapolis again she came here and stayed all night while Helen was gone. Mrs Waters was here and stayed all night last sunday so as to go to Minneapolis in the morning with the 4 Oclock train. our Cow has come in now and we are makeing a Viel of the Calf we get pretty near a pail of milk sometimes and sometimes we dont get any. ma takes her out in the road and she get's good feed and sometimes she takes her out in the garden around the house. Wentland has been down once or twice to see us since we moved Jim and Hugh Mitchell are in Dakota I think they are with Deacon Purdy. Waters has been out to Dakota and took up land. Eastman has sold out his claim in Dakota. this is all the news at present

from your sister
Agnes Morrison

Agnes Morrison
youngest sister of Wm Morrison
Born June 18 1869
Died July 19 1891

'Tis hard to break the tender cord,
When love has bound the heart,
'Tis hard, so hard to speak the words,
Must we forever part?
Dearest loved one, we have laid thee
In the peaceful grave's embrace,
But thy memory will be cherished,
'Till we see thy heavenly face.

Photograph by Child, Grinnell, Iowa
Poem from Memorial Card Co., Philadelphia PA
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