To: Lucy May Briggs
From: Hattie Buckland, Sunday afternoon, Dec. 3rd 1881

And snowing and blowing like all posessed this is about a dozen blizzards we have had all ready this winter. it has been pretty cold

My Dear Sister May

We received your most welcome letter and photo about a week ago very glad to get them both I think your picturs are real nice I will have to begin on El now and teas him till I get his picture. I wish Pa and Ma would have some photographs taken there at Ossian before they move away I want them so bad. I tried to fool John when I got your picture Ed got the mail that day he is staying here yet but not working" his father wrote him to wait here until he came he is coming out here to get a farm "poor deluded man." And when Johnie came in I told him that Ed gave me his girls picture he took it and looked at it a while and asked Ed if she was an Iowa girl Ed told him yes. I asked him what he thought of her and he said she is a pretty nice looking girl but after he had looked at it a minute he said that is May" so I did'nt fool him so bad as I thought I would. haint it sad about good old grandpa poor old fellow is done with this world of trouble and sickness.. and Leyda and Carrie Rosebrooks ard both dead that old diphthera is bound to take all the children around there. Gust McCray has lost another one.. is there any sickness around home do be careful I am worried all the time so afraid some of you will get sick. we are all well Johnie's cough troubles him yet but he got a bottle of Shiloes consumption cure and it is helping him. I am real well all the trouble with me is I cant eat enough I am hungery all the time never had such an appetite in my life, but I have got the salt rheum awful bad it is almost all over one of my hands

Nellie is well and just as nice as she can be if you want to see something tunning come over and I will show it to you "guess what. little dumpling with short dresses on and shoes and little red flannel pants I tell you she looks cute I have been real busy lately sewing have got Nellie four little new dresses made and part of her skirts made over and have knit her one pair of stockings and got another pair part done I have got a new dress and two aprons and two pairs of stockings real pretty ones cost seventy five cents a pair, some new wrappers and some knit pants to ware under my other ones. haint got my dress made yet. Ask ma if Frank cuts any more of those tricks that she told me about since he got home I am real anxious to know where he went. tell him I think he might tell me. I wish we could have been at home thanksgiving but we couldent here we are and here I guess we will have to stay you cant sell any thing for the money and every thing that we have to buy is up to the highest notch pork is from sixteen to eighteen cents a pound and beef is fifteen and every thing else to correspond and wheat only seventy five cts a bushel and not much of that. every body has got on a long face are begining to find out that SOT [?] haint all gold haint hardly a cent of money to be had even the bank in Fargo are out of money. I dont know what the poor simpletons will do out here this winter it has set in so cold and rough that I am afraid it is going to be a tough one. Johnie has tried to sell the horses but dont any body want to buy this time of the year. if we could sell them we could come home but if we cant we will have to stay here and take care of them. well this is most full so I will close for this time hopeing to get an answer soon love to all Your affectionate
Sister Hattie

Tuesday morning I dident have a chance to mail my letter yesterday so I will write a few words more we are all well our blizzard has cleard off but it is pretty cold. J and Ed killed our big pig yesterday so we are going to have some fridecakes and other good things. I received Mates letter saturday and will write to Etta next time. what has become of Chuck he haint wrote to me in six months nor Willie either. I cut my new dress yesterday will send you a piece I'll bet you cant find such a pretty one. write often and tell me all about every body. Nellie sends love. so does J.
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