To: Miss May Briggs, Ossian, Winneshiek Co., Iowa
From: Hattie Buckland, Gardner D.T. [Dakota Territory], Dec. 9th 1881

Dear Elmer, May and Etta

As I owe you all three a letter I will answer you all together. it takes to long to get clear around when I wait to answer each one seperate. I was very glad to get your letter the only trouble was you dident wright half enough. if I were writing from there I could write longer letters than you do, for you see I know every body down thar and should like to know what they are all doing. I recieved an epistle from M. Ashley's prospective son-in-law. he gave me an awful scoalding and said he and Annie were both mad at me, so I wont dare to come home untill their ire gets cooled down for fear of getting a whipping. I dont see the use of their being mad at me "I haint done nothing bad" --

Charley said you had the work all done so I expect you are going to school now your teacher is the one that made the boys over to Bannings schoolhouse stay and fish with him after school, so you will have to walk pretty straight or he will have you fishing with him. I'll bet Gunder will be fishing after him anyway" she has got long dresses on so the next thing will be a beaux

Thursday. you see it has been quite a while since I commenced this letter, but I have been to buisy to write. friday evening we went over to Mr Colwells to meeting. Mr. Wyatt the M.E. minister from Grandin preaches thair every two weeks. he is just begining to preach, graduated from Fayet in June, came out about the same time we did. "quite a nice young man," has been to see us twice, is going to stay all night the next time he comes down.. Saturday we had company and I had to fry out the lard and clean up after butchering. Sunday I had the belly ache all day so bad I could not write, the effects of eating to much freach meat. Monday I wash, moped, churned, baked, and got things ready to come to town to live. Tuesday morning we came up here had four men besides J to get supper for, and breakfast Wednesday morning, and three the rest of the time since then. but Mr Gardner is going away tomorrow so we wont have but two. this is a very warm house and we keep two fires so there is no danger of us freezing, and the weather has moderated a good deal. what snow came in november has most all blowed away so folks are useing the wagons again. tell Willie I'll bet I have got more hens than he has. when Uncle Germ went home he gave me twelve, and we had nine so we have twenty one in all. he will have to come over next summer and help me hunt eggs. I recieved a letter from John tuesday he said Will was going to Wisconsin this winter, had got sick of Uncle Herve and wasent going to stay with him any longer. Herve and John were going to husk twenty five acres of corn yet then J. is going down home. he said he was over to see Sadie sunday, "so I expect he will come without his heart." well girls you wanted me to send you a piece of all the new thing I had, so I will send piece of my pants. "haint quite as nice as Mrs Nicks. but my night-dress is tony enough to make up it is red flannel and trimed around the neck and sleeves with a vine worked with pink zephyrs. the calico is the comfortable knotted with the cotton yarn, and I have a lamp mat made of the same kind. and when J went to Fargo I told him to get me some red and green zephyr, but dident tell him how much so he got twenty cts' worth, enough to last fourteen years. I wrote Mate all about our pictures and my rocking chair. I wish you could see them they look nice I tell you. everybody says that our certificate is the nicest one they ever saw. we are going over to Mr Colwells to a Christmas dinner.

P.S. address your letters to Gardner Cass Co. love to all from us both. write soon, excuse haste and a bad pen
[Unsigned, but the writing is Hattie Buckland's]
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