To: Lucy May Briggs
From: Hattie Buckland, Gardner, September 1st, 1882

Dear Sister May

I received your most welcome epistle saturday very glad to hear from you hope you will continue to write real often. we are all well Nellie grows so fast you wouldent hardley know her and she gets prettier every day. Martha and I are feeling quite happy again our men have got home got all harvesting over west so we wont have to stay alone any more. haint that good. the rest of the grane is ripe so they have got to pitch in I tell you. May I am in an awful dilema and I guess you will have to help me out. I lack about three quarters of a yard of haveing fringe enough to finish my lambergrine if you have'nt used that I wish you would send me a little piece of it if you have put it on your tida never mind. I can trim the one for the one for the - a little bit looney right here - bed room some other way. I made them like Kates and it took ever so much more fringe than I thought it would but they look beautiful I tell you just come up and see them. tell Willie that Hat knows that tomorrow is his birthday tride to get some thing to send him but couldent find a thing that was nice up to Gardner I am going down to Fargo when we get done harvesting then I will send him a present. that will do just as well wont it. Johnie McConnell is out here now was here to see us yesterday he said the bluffton folks were well except Grandpa and Uncle George.

Johnie is going up to town this evening so you will have to accept a short letter this time. haint you done it now to go and sell out tell Ma that I'll bet she has missed it take you west and there will be forty beaux after you the first thing and Etta too if old Nick dont clame her before you go. are you going to keep house alone while Pa and Ma are gone. tell Annie that the next letter is going to be to her. be good girls and write often. love to all. from your loveing

Sister Hattie

Nellie sends a kiss to Aunt May.

It only cost me fourteen dollars and thirty five cents to come home. so you see I had lots of money left. Johnie sends love to all. Hat
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