To: Lucy May Briggs
From: Hattie Buckland, Gardner Dakota April 8th, 1885

My Dear Sister May

I have washed and mopped three floors and set a hem today besides other things to numerous to mention and now to finish up the day I will try and answer your welcome letter. I calculated to have written sunday but there were three old batches here to see me two of them stayed until bed time. so I dident have any chance to write. we are all well hope you are the same. have you commenced seeding yet. folks commenced here last saturday, sowed a little Monday most everybody were at it full force. but monday night - we had an old soaking rain a regular thunder storm, the first of the season, made it to wet to work for a few days. hope we wont have another such a rain until we get done seeding.

you had ought to come over and see our little pigs we have got twentyfive nice little ones had twentynine but four got killed. we have got fortyone now in all. that old pen is so poor I cant half write with it so I will have to use the pencil. we had a great piece of bad luck the other day, our old Charley and one of his legs awful bad. John turned the horses all out together the others all bos old Charley they were chaseing him and he run against a little sharp iron on the old St Paul binder. cut one of his front legs almost in the same place where Stella was hurt when I was home and just about as bad I am afraid he wont be so we can use him any through seeding. how long did it take Stella to get well that time. How many eggs did you eat easter I only eat two I dont like them had a good big custard though. I have sold fourteen dozzen eggs. our turkeys have just commenced to lay found five eggs.

well I have got my black dress all done come over and see how nice it looks. and I had made me a new sun bonnet. Nennie said mamma would have to make her a new brim so she could go to singing school. I would like to have gone to Prof. Semlers concert I expect it was "just grand." did you attend. have you give up pieceing a crazy quilt. I sent for a paper with a whole lot of premiums and you had just ought to see what grand things they are I will send you one of the "elegant fruit napkins" the rest of the things are worth about as much. tell Etta that I haint got a piece large enough for her a block of but one of Nennies dresses I will send her that with those patrons Ma wanted. if she dont like that I will send her another when I buy Nennie a new dress. has Pa sold his hogs yet. tell Will that we have got so many hogs now that I guess he will have to come over and help feed them.

I wish I were down there to hear Mr. Hoskin preach again dont expect I will have a chance to go to meeting this summer. If you have got new singing books you wont want the old ones so I wish you would send me one of them. I keep humming over some of the tunes but dont know the words. Nennie says me wish Auntie May was here.

well I dont believe I can write any more this time. write again as soon as you receive this. love to all.

from your affectionate Sister, Hattie Buckland

Best spects to Will.
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