To: Lucy May Briggs
From: Hattie Briggs, Bluffton, Monday Jan 17th 1881

Dear Sister May

I have been writin to Annie and I thought I would send you a short letter in hers as it would save three cents and you know that is quite an item now dont you forget it. Grandma and I have washed to day it is just is warm and the sun shines as bright as summer. it has snowed quite a lot since John went home and the sleighing is good. I am well and fat as a pig. Lu has got the Measles she is getting along as well as can be expected the rest of the folks are well except Charlie he has got a bad cold or something else.

tell John to be shure and write and tell me which way he went home every place that he had to change and how much it cost and all about it. I expect he is happy now he wanted to go home so bad I thought he would have spavins shure. well Gunder how does old George get a long has he made it to read we and gunder Cerry yet and has old Nick and Ettie sprised you yet I am afraid they will some of those times does Chris go to see the Banning girl yet are they going to get married those here times. have you been up to see Ettie Vance yet give her my love and tell her I am real glad we are to have her for a neighbor. tell Mate it is about time that she answerd my last letter Aunt Net said to tell Ma that if she dont want me to come home she will keep me for her girl she dont know but that she will anyway. do you go to school this winter or are your eyes so sore that you cant. tell Elmer to take good care of Jen and Fannie give them lots of oats and good little Will who do you sleep with I wish you were out here to sleep with me. tomorrow is my birthday and I would like to be home to dinner. if my quilts and rugs are on the work stand yet you had better put them in one of the dressers I am afraid they will get dusty and then I would have a spavin

write as often as you can and tell Ma and the rest of them that I would like to get a letter from then love to all

send me a piece of your new dress who is going to make it for you give my love to the Hartes and tell them that I will not dare come home if they are going to whip me I like them just as well if I have not written. I am going over to Julia Croftrees this week to learn to knit some lace goodbye for this time

Hattie Briggs
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