To: Miss May Briggs, Ossian, Winneshiek Co., Iowa
From: Hattie Buckland, Gardner D.T. Feb. 1st 1882

Dear Sister May

Your letter written the fore part of January was just received monday. I guess I shall have to stop scoalding you for I see that some of the post-masters along the road are to blame. one of Mate's letters was over two weeks getting here. "But I mean for you to write just so often if I do stop scoalding" I am always glad to get a letter if they are a long time on the way. I expect you will all have dreadful clean nose's got so many new silk handerchiefs. old santa clause must have had on a good supply of them down thire this winter. Annie said she got one, and old Mary said she got two.. Have you heard from Frank since he went away I think he is a real mean old fellow never wrote me a single word yet. I am very sorry that George Cooper is so dissapointed dont see how be ever come to think he was going to have me for his daughter "I never even thought of such a thing myself" his long leged son was to utterly utter to suit me. who did Irvine marry anyway. Annie said she had got to Cousin to him, then add'ed a P.S. and said it was a false report that it was some other girl. John said it was one of Charley Martin's girls. I thought Charley Martin was just a young man and his girl was only a little kid so you see I cant imagine who the happy bird is.

I expect that little sister of mine will be so big by the time I come home "next summer" that I shant know her. I want you to stop it. if you get big'er than me is I'll whip you. I was the heaviest once, but that old Mate weighs the most now. I weighed one hundred and thirty-three the last time we were in Fargo. dont know if I am any heavier now or not.. you young ones must have an awful time with "old Briney" as Annie call's him. why dont you touch him up a time or two if he is to bad. certainly all of you great girls ought to handle one red Irishman I believe I could do it alone. I think your examination's were very good. be good children and learn all you can.
[Unsigned, but the writing is Hattie Buckland's]
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