To: Lucy May Briggs
From: Hattie Buckland, Gardner D.T. Aug. 24th, 1884

Dear Sister May

After looking for two months for a letter from home I received your little shorte one very glad to get that, but I do wish some of you would write me a good long letter. I haint had but one letter "that was the one El wrote" that has had more than a dozen words in for the last six months. now Ma wont you write. we are all well hope you are the same what was the matter with Frank. how does his baby get along wish I could see him. Did you know that Charley Palmer was out here he came last Saturday. I tell you it looked good to see some of my own folks once more. he is such a good old boy it does a body good to look at him he is going to work on one of Uncle Germs thresching machines this fall. Charley Palmer, Charley and Dell Roosbrooks, Fred and Charley Thrall, and Fremont Crabtree, besides a number of others. I have had to work like a good fellow ever since we commenced haying John put up forty ton of hay had from one to four men all the time. will have four this week to finish up harvesting and go to shocking I will be glad when we get all done. I told John today that I had got sick of the sight of men there is such an awful lot of them out here.

Tuesday afternoon. I had to stop and get supper before I got my letter done sunday. since then have been busier than a "bee in a tar bucket." wish I had a dozzen kids big enough to work. I tell you I would make them fly around lively. how does your sweet "William" prosper write and tell me about him. is Etta going down to stay with Annie this fall. I received a letter from her a short time ago she said they were going to move up to their place about the first of December.

I wish you would all come over some day and help me sew carpet rags. I am going to have it wove just as soon as I get my rags ready. now Mae do be good and write often. I should think you would be ashaimed to abuse your old sister so. Uncle Germ fetched us some Wisconsin apples and a can of cherries when he came up the other day. excush haste and this badd pencil.

love to all, from your affectionate
sister Hattie Buckland

tell Will to come over next tuesday and let me whip him
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