The Night

Do you know the Night?
She walks on two feet.
Her eyes, they are everywhere
As she hunts in the canyons
And the caves of defeat.

Can you hear her name
In each lover's cry?
Remembering her first caress,
Illusion of tenderness,
Dark lady of lies.

Now the last streetlight
Haloes her lambent hair
And conjures a woman's face
Forgotten some other place:
You knew her there.

Do you know the Night?
She sleeps on your stair,
And the shadows that brood and move
In your lust and your longing
Are the garments she wears.

Two soft arms invite
But you must go alone:
The soul that you could not give
To women who love and live,
She has claimed for her own.

© 1986 by Beth Stevens

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