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love on the river

when I dream
my drumbeat startles the beast,
bursts the dark veins of hands
forking out into your champagne world
twining lust with lightning

time makes no excuse
for a killer –
I of the human persuasion,
you at home on the battlefield –
we're both at war in our hearts

caught on the shuttered evening
my Parisian laugh,
your voice across the water
melding like a bridge to sanity,
a leap we cannot make

(St. Julien le Pauvre
holds your place,
undying, in aisles of the dead)

please tell me that your kind
are like immortal lanterns
flickering hope along the waterfront,
not some ancient trash
adrift in time...

(for regardless
of this momentary fools' truce,
heads will roll)

your lightning sears my soul
caresses my thighs
engraves the shimmering sword
from naked guard to naked point
with tenderness

yet, whatever magic
we and the river weave
in our short night,
the beast will take it back –
I don't know why

© 2000 by Beth Stevens

TV Series: Highlander
Years: 1992-1998
Starring: Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield, Jim Byrnes